Washer Application Methods

Sometimes when ordering safety eyes online you're not quite sure what type of washer you will recieve. The chain stores offer washers with their brand of safety eyes tha can be pushed on with your fingers and thumbs. 

However, not all washers are created equal.

Some washers will do great for the time being but as time goes on as it always will, they do become weak and sooner or later they will crack or release the saftey eye.

I have been asked multiple times, "How do secure my eye and washer for the eyes I ordered from Gurumi Supply?"

I have decided to add this note to my orders and here not only for my customers but for others as well.

Please note: About some washers: These washers are very tight and were designed for machine application to fit snug. There are a few methods to assist.


- Tool available in Gurumi Supply Shop - Safety Eye Gismo

- warming up some water and placing the washers in there so they can soften up a little bit 

- take a nail file or screw drive to open the hole a little bit, or small slit on the inside of the hole 

- placing a cloth over the eye and the washer and lightly hit it with a hammer to secure it in place 

- use tweezers to hold washer and lightly heat up by fire, the hole will become slightly bigger as it heats up

- Use a metal washer as leverage to push down on plastic washer to attach to eye

I hope these methods have helped you finish up your handmade creations.

Gurumi Supply  

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